Where To Buy Flat in Bangalore [Best Areas You Should Know]


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Bengaluru is every Indian and non-resident Indian’s (NRI) dream city because of its nice weather and unique mix of modern and traditional features. Newer neighborhoods are developing with world-class gated communities, and the residential areas are more secure here than in other metro centers in the country.


Since the weather in Bangalore is nice, many people go there instead of India’s more crowded and noisy cities. Most importantly, it is a center for all important new businesses and startup companies with a high growth rate. 


You’ll find this blog insightful if you’re googling Where to buy flat in Bangalore and wish to move to Bengaluru in the near future. Let’s dive in.


As per news9 article, Bengaluru is among the top 3 Cities for the best places to live for women in India. And that’s why women professionals also prefer this city to live in.


Here, we have discussed the four subcategories of the best place to buy a flat in Bangalore at your convenience with a good investment return:

Families! Here are the perfect areas if you’re searching where to buy flat in Bangalore?

If you own a family and are interested in finding the best place to buy a flat in Bangalore’ orwhere to buy flat in Bangalore’, let’s explore the areas you would love.


It’s one of the best areas to buy flat in Bangalore. Whitefield is a prime location to buy luxury apartment if you have a family and work in the information technology industry.


Why Whitefield?

Sarjapura Street

Through Sarjapur Road, the Outer Ring Road connects Electronics City to HSR Layout. As the Outer Ring Road grows, more families who work in the business and information technology fields are moving to Sarjapur


Why Sarjapur Road?

Due to its growth, Sarjapur Road is now one of the best place to buy a flat in Bangalore for a family to live.

Sarjapur Area in Bangalore

Kanakapura Road

Kanakapura Road has a special advantage because it connects well to the city’s major hubs. Because of this, several brand-new commercial and residential buildings have sprung up in the area. 


Why Kanakpura Road?

  • The arrival of a metro line
  • The improvement of nearby roads
  •  The presence of educational institutions


All these have all raised the value of homes in the area. The home price in this area may rise dramatically due to planned improvements in the coming years.


This neighborhood’s infrastructure, high-quality services, and convenient transportation options have contributed to its rapid real estate development. 


Why Kengeri?

  • Its real estate profile benefits from numerous commercial and residential establishments.
  • There is convenient access to ORR, Mysore Road, and the more familiar Pleasant Road.

Bannerghatta Road

Bannerghatta Road could be the best area to buy flat in Bangalore for families, especially since it is close to popular areas like BTM Layout and JP Nagar. It has a lot of property lots to choose from, and it is easy to get to both NICE Road and Mysore Road. 


Why Bannerghatta Road?

  • Additionally, this is one of the oldest parts of the city. So, you may expect to see well-established institutions like universities, hospitals, and schools. 
  • Due to its accessibility, steady expansion, and expanding infrastructure, investing in it is a sure bet.

Where to buy flat in Bangalore (For Businessmen and IT Experts)

Bangalore’s housing market has always been driven mostly by the information technology and service industries. As a result of the city’s traffic, it’s a good idea to locate as close as possible to one’s workplace. 


We’ve highlighted the best area to buy flat in Bangalore for businessmen and IT professionals.



Nagawara is in North Bangalore, close to HBR Layout and Thanisandra, which makes it the best place to buy a flat in Bangalore


Why Nagawara?

  • Its proximity to the major tech parks which are home to several IT/ITS companies. 
  • Since the area is near the Outer Ring Road (ORR) and Bellary Road, it is easy to get to other parts of the city.

Sarjapur Road

Known as a city’s prime business sector, it’s one of the best places for real estate investment in BangaloreSarjapur Road is one of the city’s most important IT/ITeS hubs due to its convenient location between Whitefield and Electronic City, which makes it the best area to buy flat in Bangalore for IT professionals


Why Sarjapur Road? 

  • The area’s growth potential has also been helped because it is close to Marathalli-Outer Ring Road (ORR), another IT hotspot. 
  • There are many helpful public services in the area, such as educational institutes, hospitals, restaurants, and places to go out and have fun.


Because of its convenient location, Bellandur has been increasingly popular among those who work in the city’s eastern and southern commercial hubs. 


Why Bellandur?

  • There are other information technology parks in the area, including EcoSpace and EcoWorld. 
  • Bellandur has grown because it has a wide range of cheap and expensive housing options that draw buyers of all kinds.

Haralur Road

Haralur Road is the best place to buy a flat in Bangalore if you’re interested in upscale developments in or around EcoSpace. 

 Why Haralur Road?

  • Haralur Road has also attracted investors because high-end flats/ apartments can be bought for a low price.
  • Several high-end buildings have been built in the area, changing the look of the skyline along Haralur Road.


If you’re a professional working in the IT industry and constantly worrying about Where to buy flat in Bangalore, then this part of Bangalore could be the best choice for you. Whitefield has grown tremendously over the past decade because of the growing tech industry. 


Why Whitefield?

  • Costs have gone up in this industry because of how well the Outer Ring Road  connects everything 
  • The well infrastructure and facilities have grown.
  • This popular mini-market also has plenty of room for expansion. 
  • In the years to come, better connectivity and other improvements to infrastructure will make people want to live and work in more places.



Its popularity in the Bangalore real estate market is mostly because it is close to well-known technology parks like ITPL and Sigma Tech Park. 


Why Nallurhalli?

  • Nallurhalli also has easy access to Old Madras Road and Old Airport Road. 
  • People who want peace but can’t afford to lose access to their job can find affordable homes here.

NRIs! Let’s explore the best area to buy flat in Bangalore for you

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Fraser Town

Fraser Town is popular with wealthy NRIs because of many reasons it has kept its old-world elegance even though many of the older homes in the area have been replaced by newer, gated communities. The global expansion of social infrastructure made it easier to get to all parts of cities. 

RT Nagar

RT Nagar is perfectly located in the northern part of the city, close to the International Airport, the Manyata Tech Park, and the prestigious neighborhoods of Hebbal, Yelahanka, Bellary Road, and the Outer Ring Road.

Sarjapur Road

Along Sarjapur Road, there are many options for villas, flats, and condos, so every type of homeowner can find a place to live. 


This area attracts many buyers and sellers because it is conveniently close to other major areas like Koramangala, HSR Layout, Attibele, Marathahalli, Varthur, Bellandur, and Whitefield.

Kanakapura Road

Surrounded by lush greenery and the beauty of nature in the nearby Turahalli forest, this bustling road is home to several promising new neighborhoods like JP Nagar and Jayanagar. 


Even though it is connected to the rest of the city by NICE Road and Bannerghatta Road, Kanakapura Road feels like a different environment with abundant natural beauty and cutting-edge human infrastructure. 


It’s a great choice for non-resident Indians (NRIs) who want to keep their living standards while living outside the country.

The Top Residential Areas in Bangalore for Expats

Though there are many lovely neighborhoods to live in Bangalore, some are better suited to foreign residents due to their proximity to commercial hubs, ease of access to public transportation, or simply a more international flavor. 


We have subdivided the residential areas as per the regional locations below to give you a better picture of where to buy flat in Bangalore, if you’re an expat.

The northern part of Bangalore (Palace Orchards, Sadashivnagar, and Sankey Road)

To the north of the downtown area lies Bangalore’s most upscale neighborhood. Also, it is easy to get to the newly built international airport from this location. The majority of the residential properties in this area are spacious mansions. 


However, there are also a few luxurious apartment buildings in the area. While the most lively parts of Bangalore are not too far away, life here removes you from the city’s constant activity.

The central part of Bangalore (MG Road, Brigade Road, Frazer Town, Richmond Road)

This attractive area is home to Bangalore’s well-to-do professionals and is centered on the city’s central business sector. 


You’re close to this area’s best shopping, pubs, and restaurants. Even though there are villas and modern apartments for sale here, the prices are high.

The eastern part of Bangalore (Indira Nagar, Old Airport Road, and Whitefield)

Even though it is far from the city center, this once-residential area in the east of Bangalore has become a busy commercial hub. Indira Nagar is ideal for expats because it combines a high quality of life with a bustling city street. 


The area comprises homes (mostly large villas), high-end shops on the main streets, and many cafes. Many expats who work in the main business center or on Old Madras Road live here. 


Because of the area’s growth, there are now more places to live in Whitefield, such as large apartment buildings, gated communities, and luxury villas.

The southeastern part of Bangalore (Koramangala, HSR Layout, and Sarjapur Road)

Koramangala is located southeast of the city centre and is at the city end of Bangalore’s IT strip; it is quite similar to Indira Nagar in that it features comfortable residences and a wide variety of dining and entertainment options. 


Koramangala is one of Bangalore’s most sought-after neighbourhoods because it offers a variety of luxurious housing options, from sprawling villas to modern high-rises, despite its convenient location between two of the city’s busiest roads.

The Southern Part of Bangalore (BTM Layout, JP Nagar)

This area is best suited for those who work along Hosur Road or at Electronics City because of its connectivity to those places and its relative isolation from the rest of downtown Bangalore. 


Originally a quiet neighborhood with big villas, this area has expanded to include various mid-priced apartment buildings. Compared to its more expensive and trendy neighbor to the east, Koramangala, this neighborhood offers big, spacious flats or apartments at a far more reasonable rate.

How Vanya Homes Can Assist You in finding the best area to buy flat in Bangalore

Property in Bangalore

Our best real estate brokers in Bangalore will help you out with such things as: 

  • They will look for suitable flats/ apartments that meet your needs

  • They are thoroughly familiar with all the areas.

  • They will talk to the sellers and their representatives.

  • Our agents protect your interests in a home purchase negotiation.

We hope your search for “where to buy flat in Bangalore ends with this blog. If you wish to buy a new apartment in near time, you should definitely check important things before buying a flat in Bangalore.


Get in touch with Vanya Homes if you are looking to purchase, rent, or lease a home and want assistance finding one that is ideal for you. To that end, we’d be happy to lend a hand in your search for the perfect house.

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