Real Estate Investment in Bangalore : Everything You Need to Know


Bangalore is India’s high-tech industrial hub. There are a lot of premium and luxury flats, villas, and residential plots, making it a good real estate investment in Bangalore. This is causing a real estate boom. The city’s real estate market has seen substantial positive growth, creating many investment opportunities.


However, before settling on the ideal residential apartment for your future life, it is very important to study different parameters. Read this blog post to learn more about real estate investment in Bangalore (Bengaluru).

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Areas Ideal for Real Estate Investment in Bangalore​

The city of Bengaluru is split into four parts: north, south, west, and east. Each area has changed a lot because of growth and better infrastructure, making it a great choice for real estate investment in Bangalore.


Several real estate projects that are still going on will give their residents first-rate amenities like parks, community centers, gyms, play areas, swimming pools, schools, and a lot more.


Here are some of the top residential areas for real estate investment in Bangalore –

Northern Part of Bangalore

North Bangalore is the best choice for real estate investment in Bangalore because there are a variety of  1, 2, and 3 BHK apartment floor plans and luxury villas. There are different price ranges for the projects so that they can fit the needs and budgets of different buyers.


Some of the best places for real estate investment in Bangalore are Hebbal, Thanisandra, Yelahanka Road, Devanahalli, and Hennur Road.  Flyovers, expressways, and metro stations that connect NH-7, the outer ring road, and the peripheral ring road make getting around easy, comfortable, and convenient.

Southern Part of Bangalore

Compared to other parts of Bangalore, South Bangalore has the most advanced infrastructure and the best access to all amenities necessary for a happy and healthy lifestyle. When it comes to the southern part of Bengaluru, some of the best places for real estate investment or buying properties in Bangalore are Electronic City, BTM Layout, Kanakpura Road, Bannerghatta Road, and Sarjapur Attibele Road. 


South Bangalore ranks first in every category compared to the rest of the city, making it the tenants’ first choice for real estate investment in Bangalore. The area consists of corporations, hospitals, sports venues, universities, and colleges.

Eastern part of Bangalore

Do you love to invest in properties surrounded by a green environment? Then, you would love East Bangalore. It is one of the city’s most popular places to live and the best area for real estate investment in Bangalore as it has many parks and natural areas.


Currently, the area is one of India’s busiest commercial hubs. The area is known for the beauty and charm of its natural surroundings, but it also has a strong commercial and residential sector. Public services and other essential amenities are plentiful in Bangalore’s eastern neighborhoods. 


The area is close to many roads, trains, and the metro, making it easy to get around the city and its surroundings. There are numerous bars, theaters, markets, schools, and hospitals, all within a small radius. Even more conveniently, Bangalore International Airport is located nearby. Some of the great areas for real estate investment in Bangalore are Whitefield, Indira Nagar, Sarjapur Road, and Old Madras Road. Numerous high-end and ultra-luxurious housing developments are now under construction nearby.


We have covered a lot about Luxury Apartments in Whitefield, Bangalore. You might love that content if you’re looking to invest in high-end properties.

Western Part of Bangalore

West Bangalore was mostly known for its thriving industrial presence. In recent years, though, it has been attracting real estate investors because the peripheral ring road has made it easier to get to work. As the region continues to grow, property prices stay in a good range and offer good chances of making money in the future.


When you look at the western Bengaluru part, Kengeri, Mysore Road, Gopalapura, and Nagarbhavi are some of the best places for real estate investment in Bangalore. There are a lot of universities, schools, hospitals, and other important public services in the area. You’ll find both commercial and residential areas in West Bangalore. The neighborhood is conveniently close to all of the city’s hotspots, which makes it the best area for real estate investment in Bangalore

Data representing the average rates of prestigious localities for real estate investment in Bangalore:

Real estate investment in Bangalore location-wise Infographics Table

Bangalore flat rates, on average:

  • 1BHK- 32 – 48 Lacs

  • 2BHK- 55 – 80 Lacs

  • 3BHK- 1.2 – 1.7 crores

  • 4BHK- 3.2 – 4.8 crores 

Is real estate a good investment in Bangalore?

an ideal location for real estate investment in bangalore

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka and in the country’s south, is one of the busiest and fastest-growing cities. Bangalore is having a real estate boom because there are many new and growing IT companies in the city. These companies offer great jobs to thousands of IT professionals every year. real estate investment in Bangalore is the first choice for Indians and NRIs because it is easy to get to, has a high quality of life, and has nice weather all year round. Thus, real estate investment in Bangalore makes sense for several reasons.

Excellent infrastructure

Bangalore is well-known for its high-quality social infrastructure, which includes many well-known universities, shopping malls, entertainment complexes, restaurants, and accommodation options.

Good transportation

Transportation in Bangalore is quick and easy. The city is well connected to the inside areas by a network of flyovers and excellent roads like the Outer Ring Road (OTT) and Bellary Road. 


Several Developments

infrastructure development in Bengaluru

Builders in Bangalore are pulling out all the efforts to build residences as beautiful as the city’s beautiful scenery. You can choose from a wide range of homes, from modern flats that balance elegance and practicality to quaint row houses that give you a sense of community while still giving you enough privacy.

Great scope of growth in value

Bangalore is changing quickly, so it’s likely that the value of homes there will go up over time. This is even clearer when you think about how the pandemic might affect the building of new homes. Bangalore’s economy has grown faster than that of other well-established cities because of the influx of IT experts looking for work in the area. Higher growth is the key benefit for real estate investment in Bangalore.


A better standard of living

In recent years, Bangalore has seen a digital revolution that has attracted many entrepreneurs, industrialists, millionaires, and super-rich people from all walks of life. Because more and more people want high-end amenities, the city has built a lot of great ones. Many luxurious villas in Bangalore are currently on the market. The most common reason for real estate investment in Bangalore is the higher standard of living.


Steady Economic growth

Bangalore has an excellent future, as it has one of India’s most dynamic economies. Many big and multinational companies have taken notice of the city, which has helped it grow in a big way. Among the most important cities in India in the coming years, studies predict that Bangalore will be one of the leaders. So, people who choose a great lifestyle can get a good return on their real estate investment in Bangalore.


Rising Property Values

Bangalore’s IT industry has grown rapidly in recent years, making it a major economic center with plenty of high-paying jobs, desirable housing options, and luxurious mansions. This is why a slew of brand-new, ultra-luxurious apartment complexes, shopping centers, and other developments are springing up all over the city.


More secure environment

The high-end apartments in Bangalore have great security features like biometric sensors, alarms, round-the-clock CCTV monitoring, and facial and fingerprint recognition systems at the front door. This city is the safest in India because it is home to a specific group of the most educated people in the country. You can live here with your family or on your own without worrying about your safety.


Ideal Environment

The city of Bangalore is well-known for its tropical climate and beautiful landscape. It is home to several large, modern villas in Bangalore. Each one is a great example of how to live in luxury. The city is attractive as a place to live because of the abundance of trees and parks that help keep the air clean. Beautiful natural areas surround the city, making it a great place to spend the day outside. Luxury residences can be found in the city’s most desirable inside and outside neighborhoods.

If you’re looking for a modern city with all the amenities, look no further than Bangalore. Do you not see it as a good thing? Therefore, stop wasting time and start investing right away!

Why do so many non-resident Indians (NRIs) invest in property in Bangalore?

View of the Bangalore city

When NRIs finally decide to return home and make a life there, they can rely on the endowment created by their investments in the long run. Furthermore, younger non-resident Indians (NRIs) have a unique viewpoint on the real estate market. In recent years, Bangalore has emerged as a more attractive marketplace among all types of investors due to its abundance of high-quality projects in trendy neighborhoods.


According to recent market research, NRIs are more likely to put their money into real estate than traditional investments like stocks, mutual funds, gold, and fixed deposits. Seventy-one percent of non-resident Indians (NRIs) think purchasing property in India is the best way to invest their money, a significant increase from the 55 percent who held this view in the survey’s pre-Covid edition.


The analysis found that in the first nine months of 2022, NRI housing demand was 15-20% higher than at the same time in 2021. About 2.73 lakh properties were sold between January and September of 2022. “About 10 to 15 percent of quarterly property sales are to NRIs,” the report states.

The exchange rate is a big reason why NRIs are more likely to invest in larger properties. The poll found that over 77% of NRIs are interested in purchasing larger homes, with 54% preferring 3 BHKs, 23% opting for 4 BHKs, and 22% settling for 2 BHKs.

Why do people prefer doing real estate investment in Bangalore?

Bangalore is one of the Asian cities that is growing the fastest. This has led to more investments from non-resident Indians (NRIs), who do it for financial and personal reasons. Additionally, it is considered one of the best locations to live because it is the country’s center for information technology and the capital of start-up businesses. The market for real estate investment in Bangalore has grown a lot, just like that of other big cities in India, like Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Gurgaon.

Favorable conditions

The trend has grown because of the implementation of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA), the easing of investment laws, the devaluation of the Indian rupee compared to the dollar, attractive builder offers, and builders’ increased online and offline reach. These initiatives have made it simpler for prospective homebuyers to get information, making it possible for NRIs to invest in their native country.


The availability of numerous high-end alternatives

In Indian cities, only a few neighborhoods are specifically designed to accommodate luxury houses. But because Bangalore has a higher than average per capita income, its citizens can afford more expensive goods and services than those in other parts of India. Consequently, many builders in the area have introduced high-end apartment communities for real estate investment in Bangalore. Buyers, especially those living abroad, have access to more investment opportunities and the opportunity to make speedier decisions thanks to the huge variety of luxury property selections.


Profits and advantages in monetary terms

NRIs who invest in real estate in the country can get very attractive tax breaks. NRIs have complete freedom over real estate portfolios that can be used for investment, resale, or leasing. They can diversify their portfolio and still earn a respectable return on their investment through rent, leasing fees, and both short- and long-term price appreciation of the properties they own.


The Five Most Important Apartment Checklist Points for real estate investment in Bangalore

Are you looking for a new place with everything you might want? Are you interested in investing in luxurious properties but don’t know where to look? The exhilarating quality and finish of a 2, 3, or 4 BHK luxury apartment raises your overall viewpoint, whether it’s the soothing beauty of the neighborhood, the thoughtful design of the apartment complex’s layout and common areas, or the spectacular architecture that graces the skyline.


Since new technologies have come out, customers have been wondering if they need to raise their standard of living. In this way, there are a few standards for facilities and services that will attract customers who will spread good word of mouth throughout the market.


Here are the five most important things to consider for real estate investment in Bangalore:


Location-based Benefits

The complex is close to the metro, train, and airport, and it is easy for working class people to get to their jobs. Location is a big reason why people want to buy a house, whether they want to move there for work or to go to a certain college.


A rise in a property’s market value

Whether or not the investment will yield large returns over time is always in the thoughts of a potential buyer. With the right strategy, long-term investments can exponentially grow your money.


The Promising Prospects of the Area

The key to an area’s future prosperity lies in its growth history. Is there a major project planned and approved that would significantly alter the growth curve of that area? Or, is there futuristic infrastructure nearby that is being built right now that can help its growth story?


To keep you safe and rest assured

The project needs to be risk-free, which means it needs to meet all required safety standards and offer activities that appeal to all possible clients. After the official project approval of the master plan, trust is restored, and people can live without worry.


Layouts of the apartment units

Infrastructure that doesn’t need to be maintained, lots of greenery for a breezy atmosphere, landscaping that uses less water and energy, a closed-loop water system, air conditioning, windows that let in a lot of light, high-quality construction, etc. Now more than ever, with the arrival of COVID-19, it’s crucial to have a healthy outlook while living a healthy lifestyle.

Since this is the case, the apartment’s elegant design will appeal to potential buyers and investors searching for a way to improve their quality of life. They expect a sophisticated way of life that goes against the appeal of a quiet place.


Head over to this detailed flat buying guide in Bangalore if you’re curious about the best areas to buy apartments in Bangalore for investment.

Apartments in Bangalore for investment

Is investing in standalone buildings a wise decision?

A standalone building or independent apartment is a residential place that was designed and built with the intention of housing only one family. Tenants of standalone buildings face a variety of issues, including:
  • Due to a lack of space and assets, these structures rarely have extras like swimming pools, fitness centers, or security guards.
  • The residents of a standalone building commonly worry about their safety.
  • Having a place to park a car is a major problem for any standalone building, but it becomes especially problematic in crowded areas.
  • Generally, standalone buildings have no outdoor space.
The gated communities have an on-site commercial complex, an emergency power generator, and a water treatment system that is already set up and ready to go. However, these features are not provided in the isolated structures. For residents of standalone properties, these conveniences require additional financial outlays. So real estate investment in Bangalore’s gated communities is a wise decision.

Which is a better investment option –  a plot, a flat, or a villa?

Putting money into real estate investment in Bangalore is not a simple task. One must locate a secure street and decide whether to purchase an apartment, a villa, or a plot. The choice depends on what you need, how you want to live, and other things like taxes and bank loans. You can build a house according to your needs and an approved layout when you buy a plot. But when you buy a flat, you can’t change the size or layout of the building. And when we talk about joint families, people prefer to live in villas. And if you’re the one looking for a more spacious house, you can prefer investing in villas.


In a planned development, you are responsible for the safety and security of your finished home. On the other hand, living in an apartment is convenient, safe, and close. Land is hard to come by these days, but many families choose to live in villas in gated communities. Which, then, is preferable, a plot, a villa, or a flat? Let’s discover the answer right away!


We hope that our in-depth comparison of plots, flats, and villas will help you choose the best choice for real estate investment in Bangalore.



If you buy land, you’ll need to engage an architect or builder and work from an authorized blueprint. A lot of paperwork is involved, including overseeing the building process, arranging money, and communicating with local organizations and contractors.


When purchasing an apartment, however, the developer is in charge and hands over the keys once the unit is finished. The building is taken care of, so all one needs to do is fill it with furniture. A flat will also have standard conveniences such as a gymnasium, a swimming pool, and 24-hour security guard service.


The villa lifestyle has traditionally been associated with the upper classes of society. It’s not like a regular house because it’s built on a huge plot of land with all the amenities you’d need to live in luxury. People’s ideas about high-end real estate have changed over time. They used to think it was expensive to buy and had less security. Since these houses are in a well-planned neighborhood, they have all the best amenities, like gym, elegantly furnished dining area, and a swimming pool. Therefore, villas are currently the best bet for real estate investors.


You must do everything yourself to buy land and construct a house on it. As a result, investing in a flat is a viable option.



Experts agree that land appreciates at a much quicker rate than apartments do. This is mostly because there is a limited quantity of plots on the market. The plot market is not as age-restricted as the apartment market. Whether or not a property appreciates is based on how close it is to major construction sites. The value of a piece of land increases over time, especially in a stable market.


For the same reason that more people are interested in developing a plot, selling your stake is less of a hassle. Apartments, like plots, benefit from factors like location, nearby amenities, and the general quality of the neighborhood to increase in price.


Villas are also a very good choice for real estate investment in Bangalore. As land is scarce in Bangalore, there are very few villas on the market, and all of them are in gated communities. And today, everyone wants to live in gated communities, and the biggest reason for this is the higher standard of living these communities provide. The demand for villas is high in the market, and the land is handy, so the investment return on the villas is also high.



A finished apartment is your best bet if you want a consistent rental income. Apartments have a big advantage over plots of land because they can be rented out at any time to make money. Plots do not generate any money until a building is constructed on them.


Even when it comes to the rental market, there is a high demand for villas. Villas are in high demand as vacation homes and community meeting places. A clean and well-maintained villa can be rented out immediately at a premium rate.


In addition, if you own a duplex, you can rent out one unit while using the other for your own needs. 



Different rules apply to plots and apartments when calculating taxes. The monthly tax savings from paying off a home loan used to purchase an apartment or builder’s floor are substantial.


We hope that you found our comparison useful in deciding whether to buy a plot of land, a villa, or an apartment. If this is not the case, we recommend having a conversation with our real estate professional, who can provide you with a more in-depth explanation of the two. Ensure the home you buy is within your price range and meets your family’s demands. Many of us will only invest in a home once in our lives. Take your time and make a choice you won’t regret.


How should you choose the right broker for real estate investment in Bangalore?

A broker’s job is to bring together potential buyers and sellers. A good one can make a healthy deal easier to accomplish. There are many real estate brokers to choose from, so it’s important to find the one who will make purchasing a property as stress-free and beneficial as possible for you. We suggest considering the following points to make a good choice:


Good understanding of the market

Your broker needs to be familiar with the complexities of the regional market. She is the best resource for information about every area, its real estate market, and its future potential. With the knowledge of local languages like Kannada, she must be aware of any current property trends. 


A broker familiar with the state or local laws governing real estate purchases can put you at ease during the property acquisition process. You need to hire a licensed broker to avoid potential legal issues. Brokers are well-versed in sectors where investment returns are likely to be strong, and they can predict the future of these industries. 


Contacts with reputable builders

A reputed real estate broker will have established relationships with other builders, owners, and brokers. She should present many viable possibilities in your price range and preferred area. Everyone is well aware of the situation of many Indian home buyers today. Builders that have stolen money from customers and then failed to deliver their products on schedule are known as fraudulent builders. Even worse, several of the construction workers have vanished. You don’t want something awful like that to occur to you!


A reliable broker will only recommend properties constructed by reputable builders. Companies have a history of using high-quality products, providing work to customers on time, and doing business with honesty. Ask your broker any questions regarding the contractor’s history and previous work. When working with the right broker, a builder’s reputation and track record will be shown off with pride.


Familiar with real estate terminology

Even for experienced investors, the real estate industry is full of unfamiliar terms. Having a broker or agent familiar with the terminology used in legal documents and paperwork can save you time and trouble. The broker should also be able to help you with getting a home loan, registering the house, and paying the stamp duty.


Verify the broker’s reputation by reading customer reviews

After establishing trust with a broker, it is time to ask for references. If she has a solid reputation in her industry, her clients will be happy to serve as references. If you can, talk to any of her prior customers and see what they have to say about her.


What People Ask about Real Estate Investment in Bangalore?

Where to invest in Bangalore real estate?

With easy access to the city’s other major hubs like Koramangala, Bannerghatta Road, and HSR Layout, BTM Layout is a highly preferred location for real estate investment in Bangalore. Due to its excellent infrastructure and diverse housing market, many homebuyers have found it the best option for real estate investment in Bangalore.


Which place in Bangalore is the best for investment?

Whitefield, Sarjapur, Banashankari, Koramangala HSR Layout, and Electronic City are all excellent choices for real estate investment in Bangalore.


Is investing in an apartment a good idea?

One of the best things about real estate investment in Bangalore is that a source of passive income will grow over time. If you’re an investor and getting a nice rental return on a residential property, then the question “Is buying an apartment a worthwhile investment?” will never cross your mind.




We hope that this post has given you some helpful information about real estate investment in Bangalore. Some of the most important things that affect a person’s decision to buy an apartment, plot, or villa are how close it is to desirable amenities, how much it costs, and how likely it is to make a profit. Bangalore’s key feature is mild temperatures for most of the year. 

Many people are drawn to work in Bangalore because of its thriving IT industry. Consequently, there would be a greater need for both commercial and residential real estate. Bangalore’s key selling point is that it offers a high quality of life and a wide variety of employment possibilities. A luxury real estate investment in Bangalore, India, is, thus, a wise investment.

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