Buying Ultra Luxury Homes in Bangalore: 5 Things to Keep In Mind


Buying Ultra Luxury Homes in Bangalore: 5 Things to Keep In Mind Blog cover

Does your house complement the kind of lifestyle that you wish for? If you wish to own an ultra luxury house in Bangalore, this blog will ease the process and help you buy a property that suits your needs.


Bangalore or Bengaluru is undoubtedly the major market for luxurious real estate in India. As the ultra luxury homes in Bangalore are considered one of the nation’s biggest real estate markets, you’ll get a plethora of options to choose from.


Before knowing the top 5 things to consider while buying a luxury home, let’s know what makes Bengaluru an ideal city for a luxury home lifestyle.

Why is buying ultra-luxury homes in Bangalore a good decision?

Based on the most recent studies, Bangalore is quickly growing to be one of the major marketplaces for luxury residences, as it is India’s Silicon Valley. There are several factors behind the exceptional development of ultra luxury homes in Bangalore in the market. 

a view of Ultra luxury home in Bangalore (near Sir MVIT college Road)

Let us go through the reasons in detail:

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Consider these 5 things before you choose ultra luxury homes in Bangalore:

1. Property Size

measuring property for ultra luxury homes in Bangalore

The size of every ultra luxury home in Bangalore will, of course, vary. Do not think of how large your future house should be. Instead, think about how much space you will need for the kind of lifestyle you wish. 


Also, if you have a big family, you will need extra space. Even if you don’t have a big family, it’s still vital to consider homes with additional rooms among ultra luxury home amenities. The villa size in Bengaluru usually ranges from 5,000 sq. ft to 14,000 sq. ft, so you will have ample space. 

2. Security features

advanced security feature in an ultra luxury homes in bangalore

Make sure any of the ultra luxury homes in Bangalore that you choose to have a gated community. This is usually a smart choice because it keeps away trespassers. Other ultra luxury home amenities to look for are smoke detectors, alarm systems, and security cameras. 


It would also be preferable if there are biometric sensors and systems for iris, face, and fingerprint identification at the entry. All these security measures will ensure that you and your family stay safe and secure. 


When it comes to luxury homes for senior citizens who reside alone, make sure there are additional security measures and even more advanced security.  This is because any emergency, medical or otherwise, may be effectively managed with such conveniences.

3. Location of the property

a lady choosing location in a tab device

The most important factor to consider when purchasing ultra luxury homes in Bangalore is its location. Always choose a location relatively close to restaurants, shops, educational institutions, good hospitals, and public transportation. An airport or railway station nearby would be a plus point too!  


Luxury houses in Whitefield are the best option for you! For more options, you may take a look at the next section.

front view of an ultra luxury home in Bangalore

When you have children, you would prefer living in an area with minimal pollution levels, green surroundings, good educational institutes, and a secure environment. Isn’t it?


A good neighborhood where your home is located is essential because it will influence the kind of individuals your children may interact with as they grow up. 


If you are looking for ultra luxury homes in Bangalore for your children’s comfort, then this Luxury house in Sir MVIT College Road would be the best bit for you. 

a balcony view from ultra luxury home in Bangalore (near Sir MVIT college Road)

A luxury property that fulfills your requirements must be located in a highly secure region. It should guarantee your protection and the safety of your loved ones. Also, before purchasing a luxury house, research the neighborhood’s pet policies since some neighborhoods exclude pets of any kind, even domesticated animals.

Here are some of the best locations for ultra luxury homes in Bangalore

It is one of Bangalore’s renowned business areas and a well-developed residential neighborhood in Marathahalli. This area has good transportation connections with other areas such as Whitefield, KR Puram, HAL, Electronic City, etc. If you are a young working professional, then this area can be preferable for you.

On the eastern outskirts of Bengaluru, Whitefield is among the most notable IT centers. Many well-known builders have made investments in the area. It consists of a mixture of projects that are finished and those that are still being built.


You should invest in properties in this area because renowned IT firms like TCS and IBM are just among a few employment hubs nearby.


With the location, you would definitely look for other aspects in your dream house that make your lifestyle richer. Luxury homes in Whitefield have drawing rooms, the utility area and the double-height gardens that you would love.

Sarjapur is a rapidly growing neighborhood in Bangalore’s east, with great road access to important IT centers. Its accessibility and availability of finished or developing luxurious houses make it a prime location for investments. Important neighborhoods, including BTM Layout, HSR Layout, and Koramangala, are also nearby.


Sarjapur is also one of Bangalore’s top neighborhoods for settling down. It is a prominent pick as one of Bangalore’s most practical areas for professionals due to its connection. It is well-linked to all of Bangalore’s major areas, including Marathahalli, the Outer Ring Road, Koramangala, and Whitefield. 

In this neighborhood, people are more likely to search for luxury homes or villas than flats. Speaking of villas, you may look at these villa properties too in Bangalore.


In Indiranagar, residents can enjoy the area’s abundance of bars, restaurants, and shopping centers. The residents of this area can spend their weekends with friends, family and coworkers with the lovely recreational facilities available here. It is also a good area if you’re looking for luxury homes for senior citizens, as seniors would not have to travel much for recreation.

Koramangala is an area with a captivating metropolitan atmosphere, theaters, cafés, restaurants, and shopping centers. Getting a luxury house here provides great ultra luxury home amenities with everything in close proximity. 


Alongside the city’s other locations like Indiranagar, Koramangala, Jayanagar and J P Nagar, Koramangala is another great choice for NRIs (Non Residential Indians).

4. Taxes and additional costs

Taxes & legal doc graphics

Alright! So far, so good.


Let’s now know about the taxes that the government imposes on buying premium houses or villas.


Consider the additional fees related to finalizing the sale before deciding to buy one of the ultra luxury homes in Bangalore. Luxury residences are more expensive in terms of insurance and taxes.

Here are some strategies for preparing for these costs

Before searching for an estate, you must first speak to your agent and decide how much you can and are ready to spend on taxes and insurance. By doing this, you may be certain that there won’t be any unpleasant financial shocks when you eventually locate a home you like.


Next, it could be beneficial to discuss the mortgage rates for various kinds of houses with your bank in advance. You might save a lot over the course of your loan if they provide exclusive rates or offers for a certain kind of property.


Be smart and consult a reliable Bangalore real estate broker to help you with this so you won’t have to scratch your heads! We will help you go through all these processes smoothly.

5. Amenities you can get


You must be excited about the Ultra luxury home amenities in Bangalore!


Let’s get started.


You should look for a luxury house with home automation features, such as automatic lighting, HVAC systems, and smart locks, for more peace of mind. Another excellent feature that may cut your electricity costs and make the house more environmentally friendly is solar panels.


To guarantee you never have to leave the luxury of your extravagant new home, look for properties that include membership to gyms, pools, clubhouses, etc. 

Here’s how to find a reliable Real Estate Broker who can help you own a Luxury Home:

Following checklists will help you find a reputed real estate agent in Bangalore –

  • Make sure that your broker is familiar with all the laws related to luxury real estates.

  • Your Broker should know every bit of the luxury real estate market so as to guide you well.

  • Assure the broker that you choose has good contacts with luxury home builders so you have a lot of options to choose from.

  • Have a background check of the broker and check the ratings to be assured of their reliability.

  • Even the track record should be checked beforehand so you are on a safer side. 


Balcony view from an Ultra Luxury house in Bangalore
Whether you’re looking to purchase or rent, Vanya Homes is one of the most trusted names in Bangalore’s real estate market. Our reliable brokers will help you find luxurious real estate in Bangalore and save you time and energy.

To make the process of finding ultra luxury homes in Bangalore a piece of cake for you, our brokers will assist you! Head over to the contact us page to reach us today.

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