Best Places to Stay in Bangalore on Rent [Cheap to Lavish]


Bangalore (Bengaluru), the capital of Karnataka, is one of India’s most important centers for information technology. Most young graduates and experienced IT experts choose to make their careers in Bangalore, making it the most popular IT destination in India. This is a major reason why Bangalore is experiencing a population boom.


Living costs, especially housing costs, are pretty high in Bangalore(Bengaluru), contributing to the city’s high standard of living. Keep an eye on how you spend your money and do your best to keep a healthy budget. When it comes to finding the best places to stay in Bangalore for rent that are within your price range, you have several options.


The city’s diverse culture and mild climate are additional key features. Anyone considering making Bangalore their permanent home should know there are several best places to stay in Bangalore for rent.

Why do so many people choose to make Bangalore(Bengaluru) their new home?

Because of its status as India’s primary center for information technology, the city has attracted a diverse range of people, including; 


  • Individuals working in information technology
  • People looking for jobs
  • College and university students


Whenever an IT worker in Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, or Mumbai is looking to make a career move, they are most likely to relocate to Bangalore, India’s technological capital. Bangalore is known as the “IT Capital of India.” 


It attracts people looking for work in the IT and software development sectors and other fields. There is a lot to love about this place, from the pleasant weather to the spotless environment to the variety of dining options and exciting nightclubs to the global vibe.


Bangalore is frequently people’s initial investment option because of several factors, including:-

  • There are a lot of cutting-edge IT firms in Bangalore

  •  The Availability of Qualified Workers

  • The weather in the city is pleasant throughout the year 

  •  Explore more opportunities in the vibrant Startup Community

Consider these factors while selecting a new place in Bangalore(Bengaluru)

The following criteria were considered when compiling this list of the best places to stay in Bangalore for rent. Investigate, weigh your options, and then decide based on what you find. So, let’s take a deep look at everything that goes into making up Bangalore’s cost of living.

a safe & clean residential area in Bangalore

Total Average Monthly Expenditure

Your total monthly expenditure covers your flat rent, daily meal costs, transportation costs, and any other additional costs you incur.

Accommodation cost

For most people in Bangalore, housing costs make up the largest portion of the total. Accommodations might range from basic to luxurious, depending on your preferences and needs. 


The cost of rent might vary widely from one location to another. Most people who rent homes and apartments in Bangalore(Bengaluru) are recent college graduates and working adults. Living close to your workplace or educational institute can help you save money and be more convenient for meeting your other needs.


Every transportation facility is easily accessible from the airport, railway stations, bus terminals, metro stops, IT centers, and other key commercial districts in Bangalore. You can take your pick from various transportation alternatives, including AC and non-AC buses, cabs, vehicles, metros, etc.


It is a large concern for everyone, particularly those moving from other parts of the country. Food is a crucial factor that can’t be overlooked when calculating your monthly expenses. In addition, you may choose from numerous food delivery services in Bangalore. So, how you plan your food budget is entirely up to you.

Where in Bangalore (Bengaluru) would be the best place to settle down?

Expensive places to stay on rent in Bangalore

It’s always challenging to uproot your life and start over in a new location, but Bangalore has everything you want. If you compare the cost of living in Bangalore to any other major city, you’ll find it reasonable. Rentals, grocery bills, education, fuel, public transportation, etc., play a role in your quality of life. 


If you’re drawn to the city and wish to live there, you should know about its famous Bangalore residential areas. Many people choose to make their permanent homes in one of the many thriving areas in Bangalore. 


For your convenience, we have compiled a list of Bangalore’s residential areas and classified them as expensive, moderate, and cheap. The best residential places to stay in Bangalore are listed below:

Bangalore Residential Areas! The Expensive and luxurious Ones

Expensive places to stay on rent in Bangalore


In terms of quality of life, Koramangala is hard to beat among Bangalore’s many excellent areas. Located in the city’s southeast, Koramangala provides easy access to the rest of Bangalore (Bengaluru). This includes the city’s downtown streets, such as Electronic City Road, Hosur Road, Intermediate Ring Road, Airport Road, and many others.


There are several high-end apartment complexes in the neighborhood, but there are few options for those looking for more affordable housing. A wide variety of cafes and shopping centers can be found in this area. Koramangala is one of the best places to stay in Bangalore for rent.


Indiranagar is close by and a neighbor to Koramangala. This is a very expensive area in the middle of the city, close to all the commotion, which makes it one of the best places to stay in Bangalore for rent


From quiet neighborhoods to bustling city centers to luxurious residential enclaves, it’s all here. Finding an affordable place to live might be challenging in this city. The best cafes, bars, pubs, and exotic restaurants in Bangalore(Bengaluru) can all be found in Indiranagar.

MG Road

The MG Road in Bangalore is a great attraction, one of the city’s busiest and the best residential places to stay in Bangalore. Due mostly to its prime location, housing on MG Road comes at a premium price. Centrally located, MG Road is home to various establishments, including bars, shops, restaurants, hotels, theaters, and offices.

HSR Layout

It’s a relatively new area, yet it’s already established as an upscale neighborhood. HSR Layout is a model of urban planning in Bangalore(Bengaluru) because it has wide streets, parks, and controlled drainage. It also has modern public facilities and parks with top-notch medical facilities, dining options, coffeehouses, nightclubs, and more.

Richmond Town

As its name suggests, Richmond Town is an affluent area where only people with extra money can live. You can easily access all the city’s main streets from this location because of its connectivity to MG Road. From a transportation aspect, getting to any part of the city from here is a breeze, with various bus routes, cabs, and personal vehicles to choose from.


Whitefield attracts a growing population because of its convenient location, luxurious apartments, and high-quality public amenities. Although more and more people are drawn to the area since it is home to numerous information technology (IT) firms and parks, the expensive housing costs drive many others out. 


Whitefield is a major hub for transportation inside Bangalore and a crossroads for main highways leading to both Vizag and Hyderabad, making it one of the best places to stay in Bangalore for rent.

Bangalore Residential Areas! The Moderate Ones

BTM Layout

The BTM Layout is the result of the combination of the Tavarekere, Byrasandra, and Madivala Layouts. Among the best places to live in Bangalore(Bengaluru), BTM is located in the south near ITPL and Electronics City, making it a desirable place to work. 


This region is quite convenient to connect to other parts of Bangalore, such as JP Nagar, Marathahalli, Banashankari, Koramangala, and many others. Compared to other good neighborhoods in the city, BTM Layout is a surprisingly cheaper area to live.


This area offers convenient access to Whitefield, the Outer Ring Road, Electronic City, Marathahalli, and Koramangala, among other nearby destinations. 


This area is home to some of the industry’s leading companies, making it the Best place to live in Bangalore for IT professionals. Additionally, Sarjapur is regarded as one of the most secure and best places to stay in Bangalore for rent for families to live in.

Bannerghatta Road

It is one of the best-connected parts of Bangalore and is home to some of the biggest institutions in the city, like the IIM-B, HSBC, Accenture, and Honeywell. 


In addition, it is the location of many hotels, shopping malls, medical facilities, and educational institutions. Bannerghatta Road’s proximity to BMTC buses makes them a convenient, affordable way to get around Bangalore.

Bangalore Residential Areas for Low Cost of Living


This area is one of the oldest place to stay in Bangalore for rent because of the city’s history and culture. If you’re looking for a great place to live on a budget, Malleshwaram is a top choice.


Located in the city’s northeast, this region is the city’s newest cosmopolitan area. This relatively uniform area is now one of the most culturally diverse parts of the city, home to various people from around the world. Kammanahalli is one of the best residential places to stay in Bangalore if you’re on a tight budget.


Basavanagudi is one of the best residential places to stay in Bangalore to settle down in if peace and the city’s classic beauty are your top priorities. Many people choose to live here because it is convenient to various institutions, libraries, parks, and cafes. Several other parts of the city are conveniently accessible from here as well.


Marathalli, on the outskirts of Bangalore(Bengaluru), is a great option for those looking for an affordable place to call home. It’s no surprise that so many IT workers choose to live in Marathahalli because of the availability of affordable housing options there. 


When it comes to getting around and connecting with other places, this neighborhood has excellent connections to key IT hubs like Domlur, Electronic City, and Whitefield via the outer ring road.


Yelahanka is a planned neighborhood in the northern part of the city that is growing quickly. It is also one of the quieter, cleaner and best places to stay in Bangalore for rent areas of Bangalore. 


You can choose from many options for properties on rent in this North Bangalore part based on your preferences and budget. If you want to get away from the noise and chaos of the city, this is the place to be.


Hebbal is among the most well-known and best places to stay in Bangalore for rent. There are a large number of apartment buildings and complexes in Hebbal. Located on Bangalore’s outskirts, this region is easily accessible to the city center via the Hebbal flyover.

Hebbal Flyover in Bangalore City

KR Puram

Krishnarajapuram, or KR Puram as it’s more commonly known, is an area on the outskirts of Bangalore on the Old Madras Road. One of Bangalore’s many subway stops is nearby (Yeshwantpur being the main station). There are a lot of different-priced apartments in KR Puram to suit the needs of different people.


Banashankari is one of the most spacious, attractive and best residential places to stay in Bangalore. The region is filled with conveniences like BDA parks, malls, schools, and retail centers that make living there a breeze. 


Banashankari is an established area with excellent transportation links to other parts of the city. This region is perfect if you’re on a budget and is also one of the greatest places to be

Electronic City

Electronic City is the center of 800 acres of India’s largest electronic manufacturing parks. This area is located a short distance from the city’s center, but the inexpensive cost of living makes it convenient for its residents and one of the best residential places to stay in Bangalore.

What people are asking about living in Bangalore?

a road view of a prime location in Bengaluru

Which Bangalore area is the most preferred option?

Although it is among the most costly places to live in Bangalore, Koramangala is considered one of the best places to stay in Bangalore for rent. Check out the nearby apartments from Vanya Homes if budget is not a constraint.

Where do people working in the IT industry in Bangalore usually stay?

Most of the city’s migrant population stays in Indiranagar, Koramangala, HSR Layout, Sarjapur Road, BTM Layout, and Electronic City. Also, the city’s main technology parks serve as focal points for numerous communities.

Where can I find the most upscale area in Bangalore?

Indiranagar is one of Bangalore’s most upscale neighborhoods. It has a lot of high-end restaurants and pubs. The ideal setting for a romantic evening or professional meeting.

Which is the safest area in Bangalore?


When it comes to home security, Sarjapur Road is one of the best in all Bangalore. The area has great physical, social, and retail infrastructure. Moreover, reputable developers in the area have created enticingly safe and luxurious homes.

Over to you – Choose the place to live that suits you

We suggest you choose a place that is easy to get to from where you work. If getting around is not an issue for you, you can choose from the best places to stay in Bangalore for rent that we’ve covered above. 


You now have access to our list of the top places to stay in Bangalore, organized by their suitability for individuals and couples. Contact one of the best Real Estate Brokers In Bangalore if you’re new to Bangalore and seek the easiest way to rent an apartment or villa as per your needs. Choose accommodations that are both furnished and comfortable.

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